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Thursday, September 16, 2010

ABI Review Ringke Zune HD Case by Rearth

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune News" @ 02:57 PM


"I am not much of a case kind of guy and prefer to let my gadgets wear like a favorite pair of sneekers or baseball cap. But to each is his own. If I were going the route of a case I do appreciate a simple silicone case to wrap up a player in a light coat of silicone. Even though silicone cases are basically the same, there are some slight differences in material grade and fit. Testing out the Ringke Zune HD case by Rearth, I have found my favorite."

I personally don't see the need to put my devices in cases very often. The Zune HD especially is a very attractive device and its so small that it seems almost criminal to put something over it! That said, there are plenty of people who want or need a case. Grahm over at abi shares my feelings on cases but even with that, he really did like this case. That's as good a recommendation as any! If you're looking for a new case for your Zune HD, you might want to check out his review.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Vaja Release Zune HD Case

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune News" @ 08:30 AM


Vaja is well known for the luxurious leather cases for pretty much any personal electronic device that you can think of. Therefore it should come as no surprise that they’ve released a leather case for the Zune HD. The price is actually very reasonable for a Vaja case, starting at only $50 and I’m sure the leather quality is top notch. However, I do have a couple of concerns.

The first is a minor quibble but, all the same, I am not very impressed by their leather color selection. The colors they have are rather dull and the number of options is tiny compared to what I’m used to seeing with Vaja.

The other issue that is more troubling comes from my experience with the case I have for my Zune 80. This is a common issue with cases I’ve seen in general but the Zune 80 case has a clear plastic shield to protect the screen. Unfortunately over the course of the past year, the protector has become so scratched that it renders the case difficult to use since it also serves as a stand to watch video. Not to mention it looks horrible.

And this isn’t scratching from harsh objects. It’s just putting it in and out of my pocket. I assure you that my Zune’s screen would not be the least bit scratched from that if I chose not to use the case (which I have done now.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Elite Crystal Case for Zune 80

Posted by Adam Krebs in "Zune Accessories" @ 07:00 AM

Let's take a look at the ZuneOne Elite Crystal Case for the Zune 80 ($9.95 USD), shall we? The first thing you'll notice when you open the box is the the cardboard placeholder image with a mockup of the Zune screen and buttons. Oddly, the album art they chose, Macy Gray's "Big", was the same image used on all of the promotional materials for the first-generation iPhone. But I won't hold it against them. On the other side is the album art for Bitter:Sweet's The Mating Game, which was promoted with the first-generation Zune 30. The case is made out of a hard plastic shell that reminds me of many of the tape cassette boxes from the 90s. Though the plastic appears very sturdy, I can see it easily cracking if left in a back pocket or dropped from a significant height. Out of the gate, I noticed how snugly the case fit around my Zune 80, with a thin lip to snap the top to the bottom half of the case. There are small bumps to protect the back and play/pause buttons but the Zune Pad is left uncovered. This keeps the finish on the buttons but has the downside of making them more difficult to access. Read more...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vaja Cases: Protecting Your Zune With Style

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune Accessories" @ 06:57 AM

A case can serve two different purposes. The first reason is almost always protection. The screen especially is always at risk of scratching. The other purpose is looks. Now I’m personally a huge fan of the design of the Zune. I have been since the original Zune 30s with their unique double shot and I love the classy lines of the current generation. It takes a special case to enhance the looks of the Zune and there is always one company that will provide such a case. If you’re not new to the world of electronic gadgets, Vaja’s name will come as no surprise.

Figure 1: Such an unassuming package!

Vaja has a case for all Zune series now available but I’ll just be showing pictures of the Zune 80 case. For the Zune 80 there is only one style available in both aniline and vitelino leathers. I chose a case in passion vitelino leather and no belt clip. The case is simple and functional, with cutouts for a synch cable and the front controls. Integrated into the rear of the case is a stand which easily folds out to allow easy video watching. Now on to the pictures! Read more...

Tags: zune, case, vaja, leather

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Make Your Own Device-Holder Leather Pouch

Posted by Adam Krebs in "Zune Accessories" @ 09:00 PM


"The pouch that came with my Zune started to wear off. So I decided to make a pouch myself. I also never liked, that there aren't icons on the regular pouch which would allow for easy operation of the player without taking it out."

Well that's just cool. "Mike73" has posted a complete walkthrough on the steps needed to make your very own leather Zune pouch, which not only looks cool but is also functional—the buttons can be operated from outside of the pouch. I love how it looks both rugged and homemade, and if I had any artistic talents whatsoever I would definitely show this off. My favorite part is definitely step 8, where he brands the Zune logo on the outside of the pouch; it looks really cool, and it's neat that he started with a hexagon (I've never really thought about the logo in geometric terms). This tutorial is by no means limited to Zune, so if you've got a device that needs a new pouch, definitely hit up the read link for more.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Belkin Acrylic Case For Zune 80

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune Accessories" @ 08:30 PM


Belkin has been a provider of Zune accessories since the Zune 30s were released about 18 months ago, the majority of which have been cases. I’ve wanted a case for my Zune since I got it since I managed to scratch the screen on my Zune 30 pretty good and I didn’t want the same thing to happen to my Zune 80. The only catch was I didn’t want to hide my Zune under a case. I have a Zune Original and it seemed like it would be a waste if I couldn’t see it! Fortunately Belkin released an acrylic case that looked like it fit my bill. So, does it? Read more...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vaja Case For Zune 4/8

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune News" @ 12:04 PM


I've had mobile devices for a long time. I love my Zune but it’s only the latest toy I've gotten into in a long line of toys. One accessory that's always been important to me is a nice case and the company that has always made the best cases in both design and quality, in my opinion, is Vaja. I've only owned two of their cases and it’s been a long while since I've had a case from them. If they had a Zune 80 case, I'd pick one up in a heartbeat.

Well, if you own a Zune 4/8 you're in luck at least! I don't know how long this has been available but starting at $60 with a clip (pictured above) or $55 without. I do wish it had some sort of screen protection but I really like the idea of the clip. I'd give you all a direct link but Vaja's site doesn't appear to be cooperating with my attempt to get one!

Tags: case, vaja, zune 8, zune 4

Monday, February 18, 2008

ITForum Reviews Agent18's DragonShield

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune News" @ 08:30 AM

“I recently purchased Agent18’s DragonShield for my Zune 80. It arrived today, so I immediately tore open the shipping package to see what I could see. As an avid Zune user, I’ve been concerned about the screen especially, and how bad it would be if it got scratched up. So, I went looking for cases. I wanted something rugged, but useable. The DragonShield looked to fit the bill. And, it does, with one caveat. Read on.”

Rob Trent just did a review of Agent18’s DragonShield case for the Zune 80. His overall impression of the case is positive but he does add the caveat that once you put the Zune in the case, it doesn’t fit in many other accessories. It sounds like it’s a good case overall if you need something to protect your Zune on the road. Head over to read the whole review and see a bunch of pictures!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Armor for Your Zune

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Accessories" @ 12:05 PM


"Since getting my Zune a few months ago, it has been in the very precarious position of having no screen protector, and only the supplied fabric slipcase to protect it from keys, pens and other devices. But when I use it to watch video, it has to go caseless. I was very happy to receive the Zune metal case and screen protector from PDAir, so that I could quit my worrying."

Gear Diary has a review up of a nice metal Zune case from PDair. The aluminum case adds some nice scratch protection, with very little additional bulk. This case doesn't offer any real protection for the screen; you'll need an additional screen protector, also reviewed by Gear Diary. Check out their full review for all the details!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fortte's Zune Cases

Posted by Damion Chaplin in "Zune Accessories" @ 05:00 PM


"This week we have a spotlight on Fortte's Zune cases. The company has been around for awhile and besides offering cases for the Zune, they have cases for all sorts of PDA and MP3 players. A few weeks ago, I received two Zune cases from the manufacturer. They sent me a black "Open Face" case and an orange "Carrier" case. Before publishing or writing the review, I used them in my everyday life to have a better understanding of what these products have to offer. I was impressed with the quality of the product but also about the very unique design of Fortte's cases make this company a top class Zune case manufacturer."

While the pictures don't scream 'quality' like the Vaja case I reviewed earlier this month, I would have to say it they look like some nice Zune cases. High-quality designs and materials are what will save your Zune from its inevitable doom, and these Fortte cases look like they'll fit the bill just fine. Take a look at Cliczune's review if you're interested. Anyone here own a Fortte case and want to share your thoughts?

Tags: case, review, fortte

Friday, May 18, 2007

TheTechLounge.com Speck Case Review

Posted by David Tucker in "Zune Accessories" @ 05:17 AM


"Speck has wasted no time diving into the Zune market. Today we have for review four stylish Zune cases. Each one offers an extra measure of protection for your Zune-housed music collection without losing that Speck sense of style."

Are you still looking for a case for you Zune? If you are I have some good news! TheTechLounge.com has written a review of the Speck Products line of cases that’s been released for the Zune. If you’re not familiar with Speck Products, they produce cases for many other MP3 players and have a lot of very stylish options. The cases are also very affordable!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sketchy's JKD Case for Zune

Posted by Damion Chaplin in "Zune Accessories" @ 02:30 PM


"Today we have a special treat - our review of a homemade case from Zunerama member Sketchy62. Before we get into the review, just who is the young genius behind this? Sketchy is 19 years old, and a 1st-year student at Pasadena City College in California. He recently started working part-time at a 3D laser lab in a college of design - and has been designing cases with Corel Draw and fabricating them with the laser. A Zunerama member since January, Sketchy has given us a glimpse into the design and fabrication process, through his diligent documentation of his research, design, and prototyping of Zune cases. The result is his ingenious line of Zune cases, which includes the JKD 4 case that we're reviewing today."

Zunerama takes a look at a nice economical Zune case invented by one of their forum members, Sketchy62. If you're looking for something more than a tube sock to carry your Zune in, this may be just the ticket. ;-) Check it out!

Tags: case, jkd

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bomb-proof Your Zune

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Accessories" @ 05:54 AM


"The ZuneTank, as they call it, is machined from solid aluminum bar, which makes this case virtually unbreakable. The aluminum is polished to a mirror like finish, to make it visually appealing as well. The case also includes a screen protector made out of machined lexan. The inside of the case is lined with soft felt to ensure your player doesn't slide around or touch the aluminum."

Well, maybe not bomb-proof, but this tough case from YoTank is about as close as you're going to get for your Zune. So, if you like it rough (your music, that is), and need some hard core protection for your Zune, check out this aluminum and Lexan jacket for your Zune.

Tags: case, YoTank, ZuneTank

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cliczune Reviews Zuneone's Silicone Case

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Accessories" @ 05:00 AM


"This week we took a look at the thinnest silicone skin ever. Zuneone is selling a silicone Zune skin that won’t add thickness to the Zune player and also give a decent protection against scratches."

Cliczune takes a look at the very thin silicone Zune case from Zuneone. Coming in at just under $8, this is a very inexpensive alternative to add a little protection to your Zune. While not the most aesthetically pleasing of the available Zune cases, this silicone case adds very little bulk to your Zune while offering at least some minimal protection. I do appreciate how the case gives more definition to the directional buttons to de-emphasize the scroll-wheel appearance. Click the above link for the full review.

Tags: case, zuneone

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Incipio Expading Zune Accessory Offerings

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Accessories" @ 02:30 PM


A newly designated "Designed for Zune" partner, Incipio, has come out swinging with a large selection of Zune cases and accessories. Incipio offers a nice selection of leather, silicon, slip, and sport cases. Their other accessories include an AV Connection Kit, International Travel Charging Kit, and Cleaning Kits. It's nice to see more quality Zune accessories popping up. (Now if we can just add to the Zune lineup too...)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Cheapest Zune Case Ever

Posted by Damion Chaplin in "Zune Accessories" @ 05:00 PM


"We’ve just completed a review of a low-end Zune case from Zuneone. The case is a generic Chinese made product. We found out that you can buy the same Zune case from 22Moo and other vendors for more than 60%. This may not be a high product but the low price associated with the case makes it an interesting alternative for those of you with a more limited budget... We can’t tell you that the crystal case is a very good product but if you are looking for a cheap alternative, the case may be a good solution."

OK, for $12 I think I'd rather use a tube sock and a Ziploc bag. Hard plastic doesn't absorb shock at all (it transmits it) and is likely to scratch your Zune as well. A kickstand is nice, but not worth viewing your screen through a colored plastic filter. Do yourself a favor: Spend the extra $8 and get the Belkin case.

Tags: case, cheap, crystal

Friday, February 9, 2007

CNet Reviews DLO Zune Cases

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Accessories" @ 07:00 AM


"Slim, snug, and sumptuous, the DLO Leather case ($34.99) keeps your Zune riding in style. It's a belt-clip case with a play-through design, a screen protector, and a magnetic front flap. The latter sports a small pocket that can hold a few bills or business cards. However, you can't open or close the flap while the headphones are plugged in--an annoying design issue. Plus, the Leather can't turn into a kickstand, so it's less practical than it is stylish."

CNet reviews three Zune cases by DLO: Leather Case (Pictured), Action Jacket, and Jam Jacket.

Tags: case, review, cnet, dlo

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Speck Introduces Active Sport Lite Armband for Zune

Posted by Darius Wey in "Zune Accessories" @ 11:00 PM


"Speck is introducing a new "Active Sport" Lite Armband for Microsoft Zune. The new Zune case is a custom neoprene armband perfect for using your Zune while running on a treadmill or a trail. The case also comes with a sewn-in screen protector. The light-weight, adjustable armband fits arms 8” to 23” (23”? That’s on hell of an arm!). One cool feature of the case is when your workout is done you can detach the case from the strap for instant portability! The Zune case comes with a 1 year warranty and will have a retail price of $29.95."

Hmm, I can't say the idea of a spinning platter strapped to one's arm tickles my fancy, but if having your Zune with you in the gym or on a hiking expedition is an absolute must, then Speck's upcoming Active Sport Lite Armband may suit you. A release date hasn't been announced, though I'm guessing we won't have long to wait.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gear Diary Reviews the Vaja Balance Case for Zune

Posted by Damion Chaplin in "Zune Accessories" @ 06:00 PM


"I am trying to remember the last time that I reviewed a Vaja case and ended up less than pleased. …still trying. After all, it would add so much to my coolness factor if I didn’t get excited every time they sent me a new case to try - if I could remain aloof, if I didn’t stick my nose against the received item trying to catch a whiff like some kind of leather junkie. But I do. If it was just a matter of how the leather smells, then I might be able to restrain myself…but no. Vaja also makes some of the most form-fitting, beautifully designed, long-lasting, and stylish cases on the planet. I’m just stating a fact here; Vaja is to cases, as Ferrari is to cars. With that in mind, Vaja’s prices might make them seem like an over the top extravagance to the casual observer. So I guess the question that must be asked is do you use a particular item enough to justify putting it in such a fine case?"

Judie tends to gush a little over the Zune Vaja case, but that's to be expected a little I think. Historically, Vaja's cases have been top-notch, and judging from Judie's review, I'd say this Zune case is no different. So if you're interested in protecting that lovely Zune, give the review a read.

Tags: case, review, vaja

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Zune Cases from Memorex

Posted by Aaron Roma in "Zune Accessories" @ 11:59 AM


"Memorex... today announces a series of cases for the Microsoft Zune™ digital media player. An expansion to the Memorex product portfolio, these cases provide added protection for the Zune player, as well as access to all ports, in three distinct designs: the Memorex Silicone Sleeve, Sport Band and Leather Show Case."

Memorex (not the first name I think of for accessories) has released a new line of cases designed for Zune. Their new lineup consists of a silicone case, a leather case, and a sports (arm) band case. Personally, due to Zune’s rugged construction, I’ve not yet felt a need for the extra protection a case provides. But if you are in the market for a case, be sure to give these a look.

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